“My first encounter with Blueport was in 2005 when first working for Colwen Hotels. Blueport was brought in as a wildcard to address a hotel’s ongoing network issue that no one else could seem to fix. Dave and his team truly earned my respect when they promptly resolved the issue that had others stumped for many months. From that point forward, I knew I had a business partner I could depend on for my cabling and network needs.

As a management company operating multiple hotels, employing a fast and reliable infrastructure is critical for guest satisfaction – especially with the increased number of devices accessing the network. Blueport is a natural fit for our technology needs and their highly knowledgeable technicians are always willing to assist, even when an issue pertains to another vendor. Their advice, expertise and ability to communicate in layman’s terms is priceless.

I admire Blueport’s passion and enthusiasm for the hospitality industry which is evident in the way they treat their clients and their employees. They consistently deliver on time and on budget while providing workmanship of the highest quality. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Blueport as a technology partner.”

Jean Smith
Executive Vice President, Design and Purchasing
Colwen Hotels