Free to Guest Programming

FTG entertainment goes beyond basic TV channels and engages guests with relevant content including HD sports, news, and entertainment from around the world. Blueport utilizes industry-standard encryption technology to deliver the highest quality picture and sound with scalable options to accommodate guest rooms, reception areas, outlets, meeting rooms and more. Our intuitive software helps users create an interactive guest experience to promote the property’s brand, amenities and services.

Casting…Unbelievably Easy

Guests can easily stream movies and shows from apps on their mobile devices to their in-room television. 

log in portal on phone or other device

Step 1:  Log On

Guests access WiFi through the standard portal

TV shows device connected

Step 2:  Connect

The guest’s device quickly connects to the TV

Stream from your favorite provider

Step 3:  Enjoy

Stream favorite content or watch the FTG programming

Their Favorite Channels and More