The surge in public Internet access has created an open door for cybercriminals to easily capture private information. With security breaches on the rise and a spotlight on privacy laws, now is the time to stop man-in-the-middle attacks, rogue access points and more from occurring in the hospitality industry.

Blueport’s patent-pending VAULT (Global Roaming Passphrase) solves the problem – effortlessly encrypting data without user intervention. The automated delivery of a pre-shared key (PSK) connects users faster than ever before to a fully secure environment for protection in all areas of the hotel.

Ah, Sweet Freedom… Go Portal-less if You Want

Simple, Secure and Seamless

The Dark Side of Technology

Unsecure Networks

“Our research found that cybercrime is increasing, takes more time to resolve and is more expensive for organizations. But we also found that by improving cybersecurity protection, cybercrime costs can be reduced, and new revenue opportunities realized.”

Source: Accenture-2019-Cost of Cybercrime Study