Give Guests What They Really Want – Effortless Entertainment

Casting…Unbelievably Easy

guest access on all your devices

Step 1:  Log On

Guests access WiFi through the standard portal

quickly connect to X² TV

Step 2:  Connect

The guest’s device quickly connects to X² TV

Stream your favorite content

Step 3:  Enjoy

Stream favorite content or use the interactive TV

The Hotel Deluxe Video

Intuitive For Both Guests and Staff

Feature Overview

X² TV offers a wide range of options to suit any size property or demographic.

Television Personalization Additional Features PMS Interface
Electronic program guide Target Messaging VOD – blockbuster movies Adult movie block
Live TV via analogue or digital TV tuners Welcome text with weather Video on demand – adult movies Restricted TV features on check-out
Manage TV channels Advertisements Local VOD cache Guest name
Offline mode Directory Lock down TV settings Messaging to guest
IPTV multicast Multi-lingual, world clock  TV apps access Favorite channels
Program reminders Background images and logos  Wireless content mirroring In-room billing, review and check-out
Remote control via web portal Customized user interface  Global site advert control  Tiered user access
 Smartphone remote control RSS Feeds  Local firmware updates  Live system updates

Your guests’ preferences have evolved – they want customized, anytime, anywhere viewing options.